Which Restaurant Booking System is the Best? Quandoo, Resdiary, Bookatable, Eat, or OpenTable?


Are you in the market for a restaurant booking system but have absolutely no idea where to start? Lucky for you, thanks to technological advancements, it’s easier than ever to choose a booking system and get it set up at your restaurant. Most modern restaurant booking systems only require an internet connection and an iPad or other tablet to work.

But with so many booking systems to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? I’ve gone ahead and reviewed what I believe to be the top 5 restaurant booking systems, including their cost, so that you can make a decision with ease.

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Resdiary is a UK based online booking company. In addition to providing table management solutions to restaurant, they also have a b2c website which allows guests to discover and book a table at one of their over 8700 restaurants. Their b2c website is host to 880,000 restaurant reviews per month in over 59 countries. The Resdiary suite of products is responsible for processing 15 million covers per month around the world.

If you are thinking about using Resdiary at your restaurant, subscriptions start at $179 per month, and include an additional $69 for set up. The silver lining to this is that they don’t charge for any materialized covers. This means that your first year with Resdiary will set you back $2217 and every subsequent year after that will be $2148.


Quandoo is another table management system that also offers a consumer facing app. They promise to help you better connect with not only new customers, but also your existing customers through their rich guest profile system. Their reservation system is geared towards making your restaurant as efficient as possible, ensuring that no potential revenue streams are wasted. Their platform hosts 1000+ new restaurant reviews daily across 17,000 restaurants. Over two years they’ve seated 55 million diners.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out how much Quandoo charges for their online booking system. They keep this number tightly under wraps and there is absolutely nothing about pricing on their website.


Bookatable is yet another consumer app/ table management system hybrid, except for they focus primarily on fine dining restaurants across Europe. Bookatable is the leading restaurant marketplace in Europe, making reservations possible at over 20,000 restaurants and driving millions of covers each month. One nice perk of partnering with Bookatable is the fact that every subscription includes a free restaurant website completely designed by Bookatable so that your guests can book a table at your restaurant at any time of the day.

Just like with Quandoo, I was unable to find the prices for using the Bookatable reservation system. If any of you readers know how much they charge, please leave it in the comments below for future visitors.


Eat, like a few other companies on this list, has both a B2B and a B2C app. While their B2C app is primarily focused on fine dining restaurants across the Middle East, their table management system is a global product that can be used at restaurants spanning from small independent establishments to international hotel chains and everything in-between. An advantage to partnering with Eat is their partnership with TripAdvisor, making it easier for restaurants to increase reservations placed.

Eat charges a fixed $99 per month if payed annually or $139 if billed monthly, and they don’t charge for covers or set up. This means that Eat is on the lower end of the cost spectrum, coming in at less than $1200 per year.


Last but not least is OpenTable, possibly the most popular reservation and table management company in the world. Their platform funnels 25 million diners per month into their over 45,000 partner restaurants.

Subscribing to OpenTable, while possibly a good idea, is also by far your most expensive option. OpenTable charges a monthly subscription fee of $249 and an additional $350 for set up. Unlike some of the other reservation systems, OpenTable does charge restaurants a cover fee. $0.25 for covers generated through their consumer facing app, and $1 for covers generated from their booking widget on your website. This means that if your restaurant generates 500 covers through their app and an additional 1000 covers from your website, you’re looking at $4463 in the first year alone. Almost double what everyone else is charging.


Let me know in the comments below what you think. Thank you for reading.

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